Robbery by Sudden Snatching

In Georgia, a person can commit robbery in multiple ways. Robbery by Sudden Snatching involves taking the property of another or the immediate presence of another by the use of some force, or physical action. Robbery by Sudden Snatching is when a person physically takes the property of another by taking it from their presence by force. Moreover, it can be punishable by up to 20 years in prison. 

The Freedom Lawyers’ Attorneys are former Fulton County Prosecutors. We have years of experience working for the State so we know how the State plans to attack your case. We switched sides to use our talents to defend those accused of Robbery cases.

Robbery by Sudden Snatching or a Theft?

Robbery by Sudden Snatching only applies in certain situations. When a person takes the property of another out of their personal possession through physical force, it is a Robbery by Sudden Snatching. Crimes like pickpocketing or purse snatching are routinely charged as Robbery by Sudden Snatching. However, if the item is unattended and not in the immediate presence of the alleged victim, it is a theft and not a robbery.

Police often charge people with robbery because it’s more serious, which means you face significantly more punishment for a Robbery than a Theft because of that use of physical force. However, an effective and experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in these types of cases can often show a jury that the police mis-charged the case. Every time we can discredit the investigators in a Robbery case, the higher our likelihood of winning.

The only force necessary for Robbery by sudden snatching is the force necessary to take the property from the person’s presence. If the property is taken without any force, or if the victim does not know that the property was taken at the time the property is taken, it is not a robbery by sudden snatching.

Robbery by Sudden Snatching Punishment

Robbery by Sudden Snatching is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. The length of the punishment often depends on criminal history, the value of the property taken, and the amount of force used to obtain the property. Our attorneys specialize in defending these types of cases and coming to the resolution that will impact you in the minimum way possible. Contact us now for a consultation on your robbery by sudden snatching case. 

Robbery by Sudden Snatching Defenses

The Freedom Lawyers work with you and the facts of your case to build a customized defense. Our attorneys have fought and won numerous cases where we used the facts to our advantage to get the best results. 

For example, if an individual is not aware that the property was taken from their presence, then it is not a robbery. We have dealt with many cases where the police or the prosecutor’s office have charged a robbery where the case was only a theft or in some cases where the property was merely abandoned. 

Additionally, just because a weapon is present or there is some force during an altercation does not mean that a robbery occurred. We have tons of experience defending these types of cases and often get the best resolution possible. Robbery cases require an intersection between theft and the threat of violence. Our attorneys specialize in defending these cases and know the best ways to attack the state’s case. We track down and interview every witness so there are no surprises. We review all of the evidence with our clients to strategize. Thus, allowing us to posture the case in the way that is best for you. 

This offense by law requires jail time if convicted at trial. Your life and freedom is on the line. The only choice is a freedom lawyer.

What to Do If You are Charged with Robbery by Sudden Snatching

If you are charged with robbery by sudden snatching, do not talk to the police without a lawyer. Even if the police officers handling your case seem friendly, they are trained in getting information. Any opportunity to “tell your side” will come at trial. This is when the Jury makes the decision as to guilt or innocence. The police are asking to speak with you because you are a likely suspect. Hiring an attorney gives you a shield. 

Of course, you must hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible if you are facing charges. A conviction for this crime can change your life. It is a serious charge and you need to mount the best defense possible. Call us now so we can start on your custom case defense. 

Robbery Defense Specialists

If you are charged with Robbery by Sudden Snatching in the Metro-Atlanta area, you should contact The Freedom Lawyers today. The sooner you hire an attorney, the earlier they can begin helping you with your case. We have a great deal of experience. Our team has successfully defended clients who’ve been charged with all types of robbery. Therefore, we know how to mount an effective defense for clients in this situation. When you’re charged with a crime, particularly a felony, it is vital to hire an experienced lawyer. Instead of hiring an inexperienced attorney, go with The Freedom Lawyers. Contact us today for a free consultation.