Robbery by Intimidation

In Georgia, robbery is a crime. That requires a theft through the use of some type of force. Even when a person does not use a weapon, they can be charged with robbery. Robbery can be done in multiple ways. It can be done by:

  • Use of force.
  • Use of intimidation or threats that put a person in place of hurt a person and fear of receiving an immediate serious bodily injury.
  • By sudden snatching of an item from a person’s possession.

Robbery is a felony in Georgia, in other words, it is a serious offense for which a person could face anywhere from 1-20 years in prison. The Freedom lawyers specialize in defending robbery cases. The theft element combined with the forceful nature requirements of the crime require experienced defense attorneys to properly defend the case for the best result. Our attorneys are former Fulton County prosecutors, so we know how the state intends to prove their robbery allegations, and everything we can do to beat the charges. 

Robbery by Intimidation – What is it?

Robbery by intimidation is when a person takes an item from the immediate presence of another – i.e. pockets, hands or body of another person, through the use of force without a weapon, or the threat of force.

If a weapon is used to force the person to give up their property, it is considered a more serious charge of Armed Robbery. Robbery by intimidation requires putting a person in fear of receiving an injury should they refuse to give up their stuff. In addition to the fear, the property must be taken from the physical presence of the alleged victim.

The state does not have to show that a weapon was present, nor that the person had the ability to execute whatever the threat was to obtain the property. All that is required is the use of a threat of violence or the other person being in fear of violence as a result of a theft. 

Awareness or Fear During a Theft is Not Enough

A person being afraid during a theft is not enough to prove Robbery by Intimidation. The Theft must be accompanied with some verbal or physical threat of violence to force compliance with the theft.  Furthermore, if the person is unaware that a theft occurred when the property is taken- it is not a robbery. Robbery requires that the victim to be aware of a threat and felt fear to release the property.

Robbery By Intimidation – How Much Time Am I Facing?

A person charged with robbery by intimidation faces anywhere from 1- 20 years in prison and a felony conviction on your record forever.  Hiring the right hiring the right attorney can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Qualified and experienced Robbery Attorneys know how to best position your case and investigate the facts to put you in the best position to win your case. 

At The Freedom Lawyers,  we dive deeply into the facts and investigate all possible avenues of defense. Also, we interview all the witnesses associated with the case, and go over all the evidence with our clients in person. Robbery by Intimidation charges are a fight for your life, the only choice is to hire a Freedom Lawyer. 

Robbery By Intimidation – Defenses

Every Robbery By Intimidation case is different, and in every case we take on at The Freedom Lawyers, we work with our clients to build a customized Defense that puts them in the best position to succeed in their case. That means there are multiple possible Defenses to Robbery By Intimidation Charges.

A Robbery by Intimidation Did Not Occur

One of the best defenses to Robbery by Intimidation charges is that a robbery did not occur – it was merely a theft. Police often mis-charge theft charges as Robbery By Intimidation or other Robbery  charges. The Difference between a Robbery by Intimidation and a theft is that the Robbery is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Often Theft cases can be resolved with an agreement to complete probation. 

No Force or Use of Force – Intimidation Did Not Occur

Where there is no force or threat of force used, the State cannot prove a Robbery by Intimidation. That is why the facts of each individual case are different and require a customized approach. Our attorneys specialize in doing a thorough case investigation to figure out what happened and put you in the best position to win.

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity is often a good defense to Robbery charges. Studies have shown that eyewitness identifications during stressful or scary events are often unreliable. Often the alleged victims do not get a look at the person robbing them. Further, differences in how people recognize people of other races or cultures often play a role in mis-identification. Often, police conduct photo-lineups to try and confirm the identity of an alleged Defendant, but those procedures are naturally suggestive. Our attorneys specialize in attacking photo lineups and coming up with other possible suspects for crimes. If you have been mis-identified in a Robbery case call The Freedom Lawyers now for a Free Consultation.


An Alibi is when someone can show they could not have committed a crime. Their absence is because they were somewhere else at the time of the crime. These Defenses require witnesses or physical evidence like credit card statements or GPS phone tracking to be effective. However, they are often the most effective in securing a not-guilty verdict at trial. 

In addition, trials are ultimately presentations to determine which witnesses or side is the most credible. In other words, what does the Jury believe happened? Then we can gather evidence to show you were not at the crime scene. This creates higher our likelihood of winning at trial.

Hiring an Experienced Robbery Attorney Matters

Building a good defense requires the best attorneys. A diligent robbery attorney will interview all of the witnesses, go investigate the scene, and look for any cameras. They will also seek evidence that the state did not find and go over everything with the client. Our attorney specializes in defending Robbery cases. We know how to conduct the necessary interviews to build a good defense. Give us a call now to start building your Freedom Defense.

Robbery by Intimidation Charges – What Should I Do?

If the police contact you about an ongoing robbery investigation, do not answer any of their questions. The first thing you should do is talk to an attorney and create a shield between you and the police. Officers are trained in getting information from people and getting people to answer their questions to further their investigations. 

However, our Freedom Lawyers are trained in deflecting an officer’s questions and refusing to answer questions that you’re not required to answer. If you are contacted about an ongoing Robbery investigation, always tell the officer you’ll speak with an attorney before answering any questions. If you do that they cannot require you to answer any additional questions. It’s also never a good idea to go to the police station and answer questions without an attorney.

Hire a Robbery by Intimidation Freedom Lawyer

If you’ve been contacted by an investigator regarding a robbery investigation, Call us now for a free consultation. At The Freedom Lawyers we specialize in defending Robbery by Intimidation cases. Our attorneys are former Fulton County prosecutors, and have years of criminal defense experience on your side. Our attorneys are from the Atlanta area. So we know the communities and the locations and evidence necessary to prove your case, and also the best defenses to use in court. We are trial attorneys and specialize in the trial presentation in case preparation required to win in Robbery by Intimidation cases. Contact The Freedom Lawyers now for a free consultation on your case.