Armed Robbery

At The Freedom Lawyers, we specialize in the Defense of Armed Robbery cases. These cases present issues that involve weapons and theft cases that co-exist in the same set of circumstances. If you are looking for an armed robbery lawyer near Marietta, The Freedom Lawyers can help!

Armed robbery is unique in that it can occur in many ways, different places, and can also involve different types of people. Most people think of armed robberies as occurring as bank robberies, robberies of liquor stores or gas stations. We’ve also represented those charged with armed robberies of restaurants, robberies of fast-food restaurants, robberies of people agree on robberies of bus drivers, robberies, involving guns or robberies involving knives and armed robberies involving paintball guns or robberies involving gun replicas. And everything in between.

We represent people charged with Armed Robbery in Cobb County, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Clayton County, Douglas County, Cherokee County, and Bartow County. 


An armed robbery occurs when someone commits a theft by threatening another person with an offensive weapon, replica, or any device having the appearance of such a weapon. Robbery by intimidation is a lesser included offense of armed robbery would not involve the weapon. 

A person convicted of armed robbery shall be punished in death or imprisonment by death or imprisonment for life, or alternatively, imprisonment for lot not less than 10 nor more than 20 years. If the armed robbery is committed with the purpose of taking a controlled substance from a pharmacy or wholesale druggist and the person intentionally inflict bodily injury upon the druggist or pharmacist, it must be alleged in the indictment, but if true, it’s a mandatory minimum term imprisonment of 15 years. 


Armed robbery is considered one of the most serious felonies one can be charged with in the state of Georgia. It is so serious that is not available bond is not available at the first appearance or in the magistrate court stages. 

To get a bond on an armed robbery case A person must apply for the bond in the Superior Court in whatever county the case occurred in. Additionally, the bond matter must be heard by a Judge of the Superior Court. That is a special process because Georgia considers these crimes so serious. 


Further, armed robberies almost always involve video evidence, eyewitness evidence, eyewitness testimony, phone records, evidentiary analysis, review of the crime scenes and possible locations, and other various types of evidence not present in most other criminal investigations. The state spends extensive resources and expertise in prosecuting these cases because they consider it a public danger to safety.

However, just because someone is charged with a crime of armed robbery does not mean they committed the crime. Also, police often overcharge crimes armed robbery that don’t meet the statutory requirements. 

With a Weapon, It’s Theft

The difference between an armed robbery and theft case is the intimidation of the witness witnesses with a weapon. The weapon must be presented. It cannot be the hint of a weapon. The weapon must be seen and used to intimidate the alleged victim into transferring over the property or money. Sometimes this is a very fact specific question without a clear answer. If the weapon is not presented to obtain the money or property, the State cannot convict you of Armed Robbery.

We Are Armed Robbery Criminal Defense Specialists

We have fought and won cases in Armed Robbery cases in Cobb County, Armed Robbery cases in Fulton County, Armed Robbery cases in Douglas County, Armed Robbery cases in DeKalb County, Armed Robbery cases in Bartow County and Armed Robbery cases in Cherokee County. 

The difference between an experienced and regular armed robbery criminal defense attorney in cases could mean years on your prison sentence. We specialize in preparing these cases for trial. We work with our client through the entire process to bring the case to the best possible resolution. 

Our firm takes a hands-on approach to investigate these cases. Our attorneys go to the crime scene view themselves and talk to the witnesses involved. We develop our own evidence and don’t rely on the evidence provided by the state.

We fight and win these cases because we go the extra mile in the investigation and preparatory phase. The Freedom Lawyers make sure we know more about the case than the state does. Armed robbery charges can and will change your life. The danger of life in prison means you may not ever get out if you are convicted at trial.

Don’t leave your life up to chance in the hands of someone inexperienced in fighting these types of cases. At The Freedom Lawyers, we specialize in trial preparation in the pressure that comes with fighting these cases at trial. Additionally, we work together with our clients in preparing the defense strategy. We also enable our clients to make decisions on how their cases will be handled.

If you’re charged with an Armed Robbery the choice is to hire a Freedom Lawyer. Contact us for a free consultation on your Armed Robbery case.