Domestic Violence

The Freedom Lawyers specialize in representing those charged with domestic violence cases. This includes Simple Assault Domestic Violence, Simple Battery Domestic Violence, Battery Domestic Violence, Aggravated Battery Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault Domestic Violence, Criminal Trespass Domestic Violence. If you need a domestic violence lawyer near Marietta, contact The Freedom Lawyers today!

Our attorneys are both former prosecutors who have prosecuted hundreds of domestic violence cases. Since switching to the defense, we have defended hundreds of clients all over Georgia accused of domestic violence related crimes. 

Defining Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is an instance of violence occurring between two people who the law defines as family. This includes spouses, parents of the same child, parents and children, stepparents, and stepchildren. Other potential cases, however, involve foster parents and foster children, or persons living or formally living in the same household.

Domestic Violence cases include any felony occurring between those people. They also include any crimes occurring between people considered family. This includes the offenses of Battery, Simple Battery, Simple Assault, Stalking, Criminal Damage to Property, and Criminal Trespass.

Cruelty to Children

Family Violence, however, does not include reasonable discipline administered by a parent to a child in the form of corporal punishment, restraint, or detention. In other words, a parent can punish their child in a way that is reasonable. This also applies to teachers in some contexts.

Our attorneys specialize in defending people accused of all 3 degrees of Cruelty to Children. This includes Cruelty to Children in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree.

These cases often overlap with Domestic violence cases. Our attorneys specialize in defending those accused with the intricacies that these cases present. For a free consultation on your Cruelty to Children Case, contact The Freedom Lawyers now.


The consequences of criminal conviction in Georgia for a Domestic Violence cases are serious. First, the conviction will be on your criminal record and would appear for employment searches. Any time a person is arrested in the future, record of the conviction would appear, and the court would hold that against you in any future proceedings. It would also appear on your national criminal history so all other state and federal law enforcement agencies could see it. 

It may also stop you from being able to work for government agencies in the future. A conviction for domestic violence also forbids you from having a firearm in the future. A conviction for domestic violence would create an obstacle for the rest of your life and be a permanent mark on your criminal record that you would never get away from. Other people can view that criminal history including future employers, landlords, insurance companies, or bank lenders. 

Further, a second conviction is a felony offense in Georgia if it’s against the same victim. A felony is punishable by years in prison depending on the charges.

Bond and Family Violence Protective Orders

Domestic Violence cases are unique and often involve familial relationships and children. Whenever someone is accused of a case involving Domestic Violence, the bond conditions almost always include a protective order. This protects the family members from contact with the person accused.

In some cases, those conditions require the accused to completely stay away from the incident location or the family residence. The person accused of Domestic Violence often will be ordered to have no contact with their spouse or their children. In addition, they can be ordered to find another place to live while the case is being resolved.

Violation of a Family Violence Protective Order

A violation of these bond conditions can result in additional criminal charges. It is called a Violation of a Family Protective Order which is a separate criminal offense. It also constitutes a violation of their initial bond conditions and may cause your bond to be revoked. In addition, the State will also usually add a new criminal prosecution for the new charge of Violation of the Family Violence Protective Order.

Separately, the spouse can apply for a temporary protective order. This would be a similar process but separate from their criminal charge. It also creates another legal process that the person accused Domestic Violence would have to fight.

Motion to Amend a Family Violence Protective Order

Our attorneys can file a motion to amend conditions of the family violence orders to have some of these conditions removed. To file these types of motions, our attorneys are retained on the overall criminal charges to best familiarize themselves with the unique circumstances of your case and how best to defend it.

An experienced attorney files paperwork with the court and can request a modification of those terms. Therefore, this allows for travel, contact with spouses and children, and in some cases moving back into the family home.

We Are Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Specialists

Our attorneys specialize in defending clients accused with Domestic Violence cases including:

Violence Protective Orders, Domestic Violence Battery cases, Domestic Violence assault cases, Simple Battery Domestic Violence, Aggravated Assault Domestic Violence, Aggravated Battery Domestic Violence, Criminal Trespass Domestic Violence, Criminal Damage to Property Domestic Violence and Stalking Domestic Violence.

We represent people charged with domestic violence cases in Cobb County, Fulton County, Cherokee County Bartow County, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, Douglas County and Clayton County. If you are charged with a crime of Domestic Violence, contact The Freedom Lawyers now for a free consultation.