Drug and Controlled Substances

The Freedom Lawyers specialize in representing clients accused of all types of drug and controlled substances cases. If you need a controlled substance lawyer near Marietta, we represent people charged with Drug Possession, Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute, and Drug Trafficking. This includes Possession of Marijuana under an Ounce, Possession Schedule One Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule Two Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule Three Controlled Substance, Possession of Scheduled Four Controlled Substance, Possession of Schedule five Controlled Substance.

We also represent clients accused of Drug Distribution crimes. Crimes like Possession of Controlled Substances with Intent to Distribute and Drug Trafficking including representing people charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute and Trafficking Heroin, Possessing with Intent to Distribute and Trafficking Methamphetamine, Trafficking Schedule One Controlled Substances, Possession with intent to Distribute and Trafficking Schedule Two Controlled Substances, Possession with intent to Distribute and Trafficking Possession Schedule Three controlled, Possession with Intent to Distribute and Trafficking Schedule Four Controlled Substances, Possession with Intent to Distribute and Trafficking Schedule Five Controlled Substance and possession with Intent to Distribute and Trafficking Marijuana and Trafficking in Marijuana.

Federal, Superior, and State Court

We represent people charged with drug cases in both state and federal court. From the moment you are arrested or charged with drug offenses or controlled substance cases, our lawyers fight to the end to get the case dismissed and minimize the impact on you and your family.


In Controlled substances and drug cases the punishment often depends on the amount of the drug alleged to have been possessed. For example, for schedule one and schedule two controlled substances, if the weight is less than 1 gram, punishment shall be 1 to 3 years. 1 to 4 grams is 1 to 8 years. If it’s 4 grams to 28 grams the punishment shall be 1 to 15 years in prison. 

However, this shall not apply to certain controlled substances. Possession Marijuana has its own punishments. Someone who has less than an ounce of marijuana, the case is a misdemeanor. A possession of over an ounce of Marijuana, the case is a felony. If the person is accused of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, the person shall be sentenced to 1 to 10 years in prison. Anyone accused of Drug Trafficking faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.

We Are Drug Case Criminal Defense Specialists

These cases pose significant issues for the state and often have multiple avenues of defense. Our attorneys start with investigating the scene looking at the state’s police reports and evidence. We review the Officers reasoning in their investigation and look at their reasons for every decision. For instance, if the police search a vehicle or home without consent and without a search warrant, they often cannot use anything they find. They cannot use any evidence that they find resulting from an illegal search.

We run down every single lead and any witnesses that we can find.  Additionally, we investigate the evidence and use the evidence against the Officers. In every single drug case we file motions to suppress the evidence. If we win those motions, the Officers are limited in what they can tell the jury and sometimes can’t use anything they find in your case. 

There are a variety of ways to do win these motions. Suppressing evidence is one way. We ask the judge to rule out specific evidence. Since the police obtained it illegally or in violation of your constitutional rights, it cannot be used.

The Supreme Court of Georgia, over the history of Georgia Law, has made decisions that affect the way police have to treat you during traffic stops and when searching your vehicle. The Constitution says you have a right against any unreasonable searches and seizures. However, the police have multiple ways they can search your vehicle or home or person without a search warrant.

Our attorneys specialize in fighting illegal searches. This includes illegal inventory searches, illegal probable cause searches, searches without probable cause, Searches without articulable suspicion, Plain-View searches, searches with a search warrant, and searches without search warrants.

Search Warrant Cases

 We specialize in challenging search warrants and the underlying evidence used to obtain said search warrant. Often, we attack the credibility of the officer and their investigation. We do everything we can to cross examine them using their own evidence. We find the deficiencies and inconsistencies in their investigation. Our goal is to know the case better than the Officers and know what they will testify to at trial. 

Equal Access

We also specialize in defending people who were accused of drugs along with co-Defendants. The law is very clear that there are certain things required for an officer to charge you with possession of drugs. You must either be in direct possession, which means it’s on your person, or you can be in Constructive Possession.

Construction Possession means a person must be able to maintain some direct access and control over the drugs to the exclusion of others. In cases where multiple people are charged with possessing the same item, additional defenses arise and it creates multiple ways for us to get the case dismissed or reduced.

Former Prosecutors Fighting your Drug Case

Our attorneys are former prosecutors, so we know how the state plans to attack your drug case. We have prosecuted and defended those accused of Drug possession, Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute and Drug Trafficking.

These serious cases can affect you the rest of your life. Therefore, if you hire someone who isn’t experienced in Drug Cases it can impact you for the rest of your life. Our attorneys are not afraid to fight the state for your life in these serious cases. Contact The Freedom Lawyers today for a free consultation on your drug possession case, drug trafficking case and drug possession with Intent to Distribute case.