Arson is the term for any crime involving the damaging of property of any person using fire or explosives. A person receives an arson charge whether they started the fire, or they helped someone else start the fire. There are different degrees of arson with different punishments. These depend on the value of the items destroyed and the likelihood of injury.

Most importantly, these cases can be extremely technical and difficult for the State to prove. They involve analysis of how fire spreads, possible substances used to accelerate a fire, and items used to start or accelerate a fire. In addition, to prepare these cases for trial an attorney must spend time doing an extensive review of the scene, the layout of the property and/or structure, and circumstances of the fire or explosion.

Additionally, there are many ways fires can start accidentally. An accidental fire is not arson, even if it gets out of control. If you are looking for an arson lawyer in Marietta, we can help! We specialize in fighting Arson cases in Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb, Cherokee, Douglas, Clayton, Bartow, and Gwinnett County. Hire an experienced arson lawyer in Marietta!

Arson Criminal Defense

The charge of arson is a unique crime. It requires both scientific analyses of the burn patterns, possible accelerants, review of fire investigative reports, and investigation of the crime scene. Our hands-on approach to Arson cases in their investigations gives us an advantage over the state. This is because we know the best way to defend your case.

We know the best way to explain possible causes of fires or explosions that were unintentional and therefore could not result in criminal consequences. Arson, by its nature, is a crime involving the destruction of property by fire explosives.

After any type of fire, law enforcement officers typically conduct investigations to discover the cause. They often call in the Fire Department and Fire Inspector to review the scene and determine the cause. Many arson allegations are the result of law enforcement jumping to conclusions or failing to conduct a proper investigation.

Often, the police and fire departments rely heavily on circumstantial evidence. This is evidence for which not any direct proof like video or photographs. Also, often a fire destroys most of the evidence involved in the starting of the fire. As a result, they often wrongly prosecute defendants who lit fires purely by accident, contributed to fire without proper intent, or who are completely innocent and had nothing to do with the fire.

Customized Arson Defense

Our team has handled arson cases related to a variety of property fires. These include houses, apartments, clothing, cars, boats, yards, fences, or gas explosions. Not every fire starts with the requisite intent required for an arson prosecution. The nature of an arson case is so unique. The evidence is technical and oftentimes circumstantial. That’s why you need an attorney familiar with these types of cases who specializes in attacking the State’s evidence.

The best arson case defenses involve our own team of experts and defense lawyers. We are familiar with the issues, burn patterns, and accelerants. In addition, we also know the natural progression of fires within apartments and property structures. We can use that knowledge in your defense. Consult an excellent arson lawyer in Marietta for help.

We also represent clients charged with the related crimes often included in Arson prosecutions. Crimes like Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, and personal damage crimes that result from fires that get out of control. If you are charged with Arson, you want an attorney who has not only fought these cases but has received positive outcomes. We also represent clients charged with related crimes often included in arson prosecutions. These include aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and personal damage crimes that result from fires that get out of control. If you have an arson charge, you want an attorney who fights these cases and receives positive outcomes. Contact an arson lawyer in Marietta! Schedule an appointment or consultation to discuss your arson case with The Freedom Lawyers today.