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One of the most serious misdemeanors in Georgia is DUI (Driving Under the Influence). The punishment for DUI Charges often include license suspension and possible jail time. It affects your ability to drive going forward and can have serious implications on your job, insurance, and life. If you are looking for a Kennesaw DUI defense lawyer, The Freedom Lawyers are here to help.

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We are dedicated  to protecting our clients’ rights. Our team strives to achieve the best possible legal outcome. With a thorough understanding of Georgia’s DUI laws, we’re well-equipped to navigate the complexities of your case. Whether it’s your first offense or a repeat charge, we approach each case with the same level of commitment and professionalism. Our attorneys specialize in trial preparation and advocacy, recognizing that a strong defense is built well before the courtroom.

Our attorney’s go to annual DUI training on the methods and practices taught to the Police for Investigating DUI cases. We are usually better trained than they are- so we know how to fight and win your case.

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We conduct meticulous investigations including visiting the scene and taking photographs, and gathering all relevant evidence. Additionally, we interview all witnesses to challenge the prosecution’s case. Moreover, we have a proven track record of success in both prosecution and defense. This gives us a unique advantage in anticipating the strategies employed by the opposition. We know how they want to attack your case and the best way to Defend against it. With The Freedom Lawyers by your side, you can trust that we will provide you with personalized attention, strategic guidance, and a strong voice throughout the legal process. Your future is at stake! We will go above and beyond to fight for your rights. Our team will pursue the best possible resolution in your DUI case.

Georgia DUI Charges

In Georgia, there are several types of DUI charges that individuals can face. Each has its own set of legal implications. The most common types of DUI charges include:

DUI Per Se

This charge is based on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level, which exceeds the legal limit of 0.08% for drivers aged 21 and older or 0.02% for drivers under the legal drinking age.

DUI Less Safe

In cases where the driver’s impairment is evident but their BAC level is below the legal limit, they can still be charged with DUI Less Safe. This is also the charge associated with DUI cases where there is no breath or blood test. This charge focuses on the individual’s overall impairment and the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

DUI Drugs

Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, including prescription medications, illegal substances, or a combination of drugs and alcohol, can lead to a DUI Drugs charge. In these cases, law enforcement typically relies on observed impairment or drug test results to establish the charges.

DUI Child Endangerment

If a person is arrested for DUI while transporting a child under the age of 14, they may face additional charges for child endangerment. These charges can result in enhanced penalties and potential long-term consequences.

It’s critical to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney who understands these different charges. Our attorneys can assess your case, examine the evidence, and develop a tailored defense strategy to protect your rights. We strive to achieve the best outcome in your DUI case.

License Suspension

Following a DUI arrest in Kennesaw, Georgia, your license is at risk of being suspended. The Department of Driver Services (DDS) can suspend your license without a criminal judge’s order, making it imperative to appeal their license suspension. You have 30 days after the DUI arrest to appeal and avoid the automatic suspension. When filing the appeal, be sure to include a $150 filing fee, which could extend your license until the hearing. 

During the hearing, consider the legal insight of experienced DUI attorneys. They can negotiate the lifting or dismissal of a suspension, and cross-examine the police officer for an opportunity to establish a winning DUI case going forward. Succeeding at the administrative license suspension hearing can lead to better performance in future hearings and court proceedings.

DUI Case vs the License Suspension

It is crucial for those charged with DUI in Kennesaw, Georgia to understand the licensing consequences that ensue following an arrest. In accordance with Department of Driver Services (DDS) policy, people’s driving licenses will be suspended 45 days post-arrest, an event which triggers a right to an appeal process. DDS, in its capacity as an administrative body, is not accountable to criminal courts and is not subject to reinstating driving licenses based on court discretion. 

It is essential to recognize that license suspension appeals and the criminal case itself are two separate proceedings. Filing an administrative license suspension appeal initiates a hearing process before DDS, while the criminal case appears on the citation with a respective court date listed for either the small city municipality or the county court. 

It is important to note that the criminal case carries more severe penalties such as jail time, probation, and a permanent DUI conviction on driving records that can have significant impacts on job security, higher insurance deductibles and continuous scrutiny by law enforcement officials.

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