Drug Defense Lawyers in Dekalb County, GA

If you’re facing drug-related charges, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation by your side. At The Freedom Lawyers, we understand the seriousness of drug possession cases. That’s why we are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom. With our team of skilled drug defense lawyers, you can trust that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and diligence. From thorough investigations to aggressive courtroom advocacy, we are here to provide you with the comprehensive legal representation you need. We are Dekalb County’s premier Drug Defense Lawyers. 

Drug Possession Charges in Georgia

Drug possession charges can arise from the alleged possession of illegal substances such as: 

  • Marijuana, 
  • Cocaine, 
  • Methamphetamine, or
  • Prescription medications without a valid prescription. 

These charges can result from various circumstances, including traffic stops, searches of homes or vehicles, or arrests during police investigations. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, it is essential to understand the severity of the charges and the potential consequences you may face.

You have certain rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Georgia Constitutions that ensure every single United States citizen is protected from unreasonable searches and seizures and overreaching by the police. We specialize in analyzing police investigations to find any mistakes and challenges that could result in the evidence being inadmissible against you. 

Drug Classifications

In Georgia, drugs are classified into different schedules based on their potential for abuse and medical use. Understanding these schedules is crucial for navigating drug-related charges. Here’s an overview:

  • Schedule I: These drugs have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. Examples include heroin, LSD, and ecstasy.
  • Schedule II: These drugs also have a high potential for abuse but may have accepted medical uses with severe restrictions. Examples include cocaine, methamphetamine, and oxycodone.
  • Schedule III: These drugs have a moderate to low potential for dependence and accepted medical uses. Examples include certain steroids and ketamine.
  • Schedule IV: These drugs have a lower potential for abuse compared to Schedule III drugs and accepted medical uses. Examples include Xanax, Valium, and Ambien.
  • Schedule V: These drugs have the lowest potential for abuse and accepted medical uses. Examples include certain cough medicines containing codeine and some anti-diarrheal medications. 

What Are The Penalties for Drug Possession in Georgia? 

A conviction for drug possession in Dekalb County, GA, can have serious and long-lasting consequences. These may include hefty fines, probation, mandatory drug education or treatment programs, loss of driving privileges, and even imprisonment. 

Usually, the punishment depends on the amount of illegal substances possessed and criminal history. Additionally, a drug possession conviction can tarnish your reputation, hinder future employment opportunities, and negatively impact personal relationships. With so much at stake, it is crucial to seek skilled legal representation to defend against these charges and minimize the potential consequences.

We understand the difficulties these cases have both on the individual’s who are charged, but also their families. Our experience in Drug Defense cases has allowed us to come up with unique and personalized mitigation plans that can have a significant impact in the eventual outcome. Our job is to do everything we can to make sure Drug Charges affect you in the minimum way possible.

Why Choose The Freedom Lawyers 

At The Freedom Lawyers, we have a proven track record of success in defending clients against drug possession charges in every metro-Atlanta county in Georgia. Our experienced team of drug defense lawyers in Dekalb County understands the complexities of drug possession laws and will meticulously examine every aspect of your case to build a strong defense strategy. 

Then, we go over every piece of evidence including viewing the scene of the search and arrest and talking to the witnesses involved. We then go over everything with you, the client. We will challenge unlawful search and seizure tactics, question the validity of evidence, and fight aggressively to protect your rights and freedom. Our team includes courtroom presentation specialists, and our thorough investigations make the difference between wins and losses.

Former Prosecution Experience

Our firm has prosecutors who bring a unique perspective to defending clients against drug charges. This makes us skilled at negotiating to secure favorable plea deals or reduced charges for our clients. Thus, our background as former prosecutors gives us a valuable advantage in the courtroom. We understand how the State is going to attack their case, and every small detail they have to show. When we know how they are going to attack, we are able to fortify our defense and maneuver to the best outcome.

Thorough Investigations 

Equally important are thorough investigations. They play a crucial role in uncovering essential details and building a strong defense. That’s why we conduct in-depth examinations to uncover any potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We talk to every witness and go over every piece of evidence involved in the case. Then we go over it again with you. It is your case, and it is our role to have your back and communicate every good and bad fact involved.

Strategic Trial Preparation

Additionally, we are trial-ready and prepared to fight for our clients’ rights in the courtroom. Being trial-ready demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ rights and interests. Trial advocacy is what we do.

Client Focused Approach 

Finally, providing one-on-one support to each individual we represent is a priority. Additionally, no two drug cases are the same. So, our attorneys provide personalized attention to each client throughout the legal process. 

Get Trusted Representation 

With our dedication and commitment, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for every drug possession case we handle. When you choose The Freedom Lawyers to represent you in your drug possession case in Dekalb County, GA, you can trust that we will provide comprehensive and personalized legal representation.

Want a Free Case Evaluation? 

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